Special Reserve

What is McClinton Chevrolet SPECIAL RESERVE?

McClinton Chevrolet Special Reserve is a new and exciting way for our customers to view our upcoming Chevrolet Vehicles that are in production. If a customer sees a vehicle on this list that they are interested in purchasing, they can place a deposit on this vehicle so that they may purchase it when it’s delivered to the dealership. Watch the video below for further details and then scroll through our upcoming inventory. Every Chevrolet vehicle below is separated by model. Under each model, you will see the list of vehicles we have ordered. The list contains the trim level, the color, and the event code. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the event code key.

If you see something you like, click on “Reserve Yours Now,” or give us a call: 304-422-6501.

This list is updated every two weeks. Last Update: 11/08/2022.



Vehicles Available For Reservation

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CCTF9D34002023Silverado Crew Cab 1LTBlack
CDCBZ134002023Silverado Crew Cab 1LTBlack

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CDGG0830002023Traverse 3LTRadiant Red Tintcoat
CCDNX833002023Traverse 1LTRadiant Red Tintcoat
CBWVC233002023Traverse 1LTSterling Gray Metallic
BZPZ4K34002023Traverse 2LZ Iridescent Peral Tricoat
BZPZ4M33002023Traverse 2LZ Radiant Red Tintcoat
CCCZ4933002023Traverse 1LTNorthsky Blue Metallic

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CDCBZ130002023Equinox 1LZSterling Gray Metallic
BZDDB434002023Equinox 1LSSterling Gray Metallic
BZDDB534002023Equinox 1LS Blue Glow Metallic
BZDDB634002023Equinox 1RSSterling Gray Metallic
CDWF7T30002023Equinox 1RSMosaic Black Metallic
CDGGS530002023Equinox 1RSRadiant Red Tintcoat
CFFQPH30002023Equinox 1RSRadiant Red Tintcoat
CDMTTB30002023Equinox 1LSBlue Glow Metallic
CDMTTC30002023Equinox 1LSBlue Glow Metallic
CDMTTD30002023Equinox 1LSMosaic Black Metallic
CDMTTF30002023Equinox 1LSBlue Glow Metallic
CDMTTG30002023Equinox 1LSSterling Gray Metallic
CDMT1T30002023Equinox 1RSSummit White

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CK1070630002023Tahoe 1LSRadiant Red Tintcoat

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CBMM1Z34002023Camaro Convertible 1LZSharkskin Metallic

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CDNHV930002022Colorado 4WTBright Blue Metallic
CDNJ9P34002022Colorado 2WTSummit White
CDNK5730002022Colorado 47ZBright Blue Metallic
CBMMD534002022Colorado 4LTBright Blue Metallic
CDNMJQ30002022Colorado 2LTBright Blue Metallic
CDRMW130002022Colorado 2WTBlack
CDCM6634002022Colorado 4ZRSatin Steel Metallic
CDSS2M30002022Colorado 2Z7Summit Whote
CCSZZH30002022Colorado 4WTSummit White

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
BTMBSB35502023Trailblazer 1LTMosaic Black Metallic
BTMF6X35502023Trailblazer 1LTCrimson Metallic
BVJGK035502023Trailblazer 1SABlue Glow Metallic

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CDGHKV34002023Blazer 2LTBlue Glow Metallic

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
BZFNN335502022Trax 1LT*GUN*
BZFN6N35502022Trax 1LTSilver Ice Metallic

Order #Current EventYearModelColorVIN
CDWDZ830002023Malibu 1SPSummit White
CDMR8G34002023Malibu 2LTDark Ash Metallic
CFDX5G34002023Malibu 2LTRadiant Red Tintcoat